Hope KliniK

The day to day activities unknowingly keep piling up stress. From waking up in the morning, reaching the work place in time, to crossing traffic signals- all mean stress. The mere activity of driving a kilometer involves a lot of decisions: Handling the vehicle, watching around, keeping up pace in traffic, each action involves hundreds of decisions which leads to piling up of stress.

The brain works in coordination of many compartments: Memory, Short term, Long term, Decision making, sensory and motor. Based on a long list of activities, actions take place. This leads to nerve fatigue- that's when we get tired.

Yoga ensures maximum oxygenation, which means maximum O2 in blood, Maximum O2 in the brain. Normally your grey matter consumes 20% O2 supplies. In stressed conditions it needs more. Yoga trains your brain centre for correct breathing, and thus oxygenation.

Our Stress Management training will equip you with Talent and Skills to lead a Stress free life.

Stress Management Workshops We conduct workshops in Schools, Colleges, Institutions and Industries for students, teachers, Executives and workers.

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