Hope KliniK

Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful and effective no-touch energy healing. It has been used to heal countless people through the ages. The principle is simple. Every living being possesses the inborn ability to heal itself. Pranic Healing simply enhances this healing process by utilizing the energy of life. This energy is called 'Prana' (life-force) in Sanskrit.

There is a lot more to Pranic Healing than just healing part. It not only makes you aware of the aura around the human body - the 'chakras' (energy centers) and their effects on our health, but also teaches us how to feel or scan the aura and determine which parts of the chakras may be affected. By learning about energy, we become more conscious about its ubiquitous presence, be it in people, buildings or even objects.

For those who are on a quest for spirituality, Pranic Healing can help. Pranic Healing goes beyond just mental or physical or even emotional healing. It provides the right training and scope for those who are interested in spiritual practices, and offers a structured platform for achieving illumination through soul-realization and later, God-realization. Just by recognizing the existence of energy, we learn the possibilities of the healing process and bring in harmony and productivity to every aspect of our lives. To improve health and increase stamina, Inner peace and happiness, Better memory and concentration, Rapid spiritual growth, reduce stress, better interpersonal skills and Greater self-esteem

Pranic Healing as well as short courses on Pranic Healing are conducted at GIYA.





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