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Panchakarma has made a lot of impact on the masses. It is certainly the better way of treatment, but what is forgotten is the Sanshaman chikitsa. Being the third generation in the practice of this brilliant science, we are flaunting its glory. Here are a few glimpses:

Diabetes Mellitus
Essentially known as prameha, having described about twenty types, descriptions are vivid about symptoms and treatments. There has been a great success in reducing sugar levels of insulin resistant diabetics. Moreover allied ailments like diabetic foot, ketoacidosis, diabetic ulcers, have also given encouraging results in a short span.

Described as mutraghat treats many disorders from kidney stones to renal failure. The uremia can be reduced to normal without dialysis.
Disorders like prostate enlargement up to 8mm can be treated without surgery.

Preventive Cardiology
Hrudroga is vividly stated in ayurved for which multiple therapies are stated. A combination of panchakarma and sanshaman chikitsa- to bring down cholesterol, obesity, and stress gives good results.

Vandhyatva chikitsa, attributed to various reasons like stress, incompatibility, hormonal imbalance, PCOD; male infertility, impotence has been successfully treated.

Sandhivata responds very well to panchakarma to rejuvenate at the tissue level, improve bone density as well as reduce pain.

Rasayan Chikitsa
Rasayan Chikitsa helps to avoid early aging, hair loss, skin tone, and live a longer and healthy life.

Weight Loss
It essentially requires improvement in body metabolism. Speaking in terms of Ayurved �dhatvagni deepan accompanied by herbal medications and shodhan.

Skin Care
beauty therapies for unleashing beauty from within. Skin care includes massage as well as body packs.



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